Monday, 26 May 2008


Packed Kristin, Rob and Iz into the car and went over to Cirencester last night to visit Laurie and Andrea. After confirming that none of the local pubs served food on Sunday evenings (it seems Godalming isnt alone in this!) we had a good meal at a restaurant and then this morning checked out his current stock of paintings. We ended up getting two, the first of which is...

That's Laurie (not included in the price) with a view over Aberystwyth, plus some detail from the same. We were really happy to get that one - he has a similar one hanging on his wall and we'd thought "that's great, if only he didn't want to keep it..." only to find out that he had another similar one tucked away in the garage waiting for us!
The second painting is a slightly darker and more surreal affair, revolving mostly around fish and the moon. Its the kind that you can stare at for a while, picking out and interpreting new details.

Neither one would fit in the car alongside Rob and Iz so we'll have to go back up again to collect our object d'art at a later date. Hopefully next time it wont be a Sunday and we'll be able to eat at the much praised Twelve Bells...

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