Sunday, 8 June 2008

Been to see Isabelle

Went back to Bristol on Saturday to meet my brand new niece and to see how the family were doing. Isabelle seems to be settling in well, sleeping whenever she's not hungry and generally having the world revolve around her. She's a gorgeous little thing, and I cant wait until she's old enough to do anything except just lie there and sleep.

Jane and James are bearing up really well - I was impressed how bright and hostly they were considering the tiny amount of sleep they've had this week! I've been trying to persuade them to start a blog so we can keep track of them all, but no luck yet...

I've posted a little album of photos from our visit up on Picassa (as an experiment - I'm considering using Picassa from family / friends albums and Flickr for "arty" photography).

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Unknown said...

Ian, we can barely find time to answer emails let alone write a blog, but thanks for all the photos you have posted they look really good. I'm sure we'' be passin these on.