Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The mortgage cometh

The house purchase rolls forward. We've appointed our solicitor (Hart Brown) and also secured a mortgage (3 year fixed @ 6.25%, with Nationwide).

The mortgage was a bit of a struggle: we sat down with our mortgage broker for 2 hours Monday evening, went through the options, picked one and filled in all the forms (and boy were there forms). He submitted that the next morning only to find that Nationwide had upped their rates by 0.3% overnight and our selected mortgage no longer existed. Joy! After some shopping round I found that Nationwide still had a good rate if I cut out the broker and went direct - it's 6.25% instead of 6.05%, but sadly that's as good as we can get. So, one disappointed broker later and after re-entering the data for all the forms (joy) we've got the application in and been approved. So hopefully that's one down (what could possibly go wrong?).

Next I have a bunch of forms from the solicitor to fill in...

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