Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Progress on the mortgage

After a bit of badgering yesterday, Nationwide have ground into life. As you'd expect, awakening the beast was a bit of a battle. Dialling the number on their website eventually got me through to a mortgage call center in Swindon. A couple of minutes discussion established that this call center only dealt with "direct" mortgages and that I needed to talk to another call center entirely for an on-line application (oh what a fool I am).

So, I call the new number (I cant be transferred, obviously, and no the number isnt on their website) and get an automated answer as follows:

"Welcome to the Nationwide on-line mortgage call center. Please select an option from 1-4 as follows:
1) Mortgage team 1
2) Mortgage team 2
3) Team 3
4) Team 4"

There's nothing like a clear customer interface, eh :-)

I decided to go with team 1 (why not!) and got through to the Northampton call center where I found out that despite mortgage applications being down by 50% industry-wide they were snowed under with work and doing overtime to deal with the backlog. After a bit of wangling I managed to jump to the top of the pile and get my application assigned.

As of this morning they've sent me some emails, the survey should be happening today, and we have documents in the post that we'll need to sign. Its nice to see something happening on this front - gives me a feeling that we're making progress.

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