Monday, 9 June 2008

Sunday lunch at Hugo's

After visiting Isabelle on Saturday, Sunday morning we high-tailed it back down the M4 to London for lunch in Queen's Park. The venue was Hugo's and the reason was to meet up with friends.

Lovisa was visiting from Sweden with Sofia (right), and this naturally called for a minor convening of the Swedish mafia. The girls seemed to have a great time (so far as I could tell - it was all in Swedish) and Jon and I had fun with the kids; I'm now something of an expert on "Puppy in my pocket" (warning: link contains dangerous levels of girlie pinkness).

Hugo's was great for taking some photo's - lots of sunlight pouring in and maroon walls providing a colourful backdrop. Cute kids helped too! I've posted my pick of the photos up to Picasa.

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