Sunday, 1 June 2008

We're buying a house!

Kristin got an extra special birthday present Friday when the estate agent phoned to say that, against all the odds, our offer had actually been accepted on number 13. All of a sudden it seems we're buying a house!

Panic set in Saturday morning: Can we afford it? Will we fit everything in? Will the sale actually go through? Its all quite exciting :-)

After lunch we spent an hour making friends with the sellers (the Fletchers) and exchanging contact details. This should help build trust for the sale process and is particularly important as they're only moving across the road so they'll be our new neighbours..

We also met the people the Fletchers are buying their next house from (the one across the road). As it turns out the house is being cleared and they're trying to get rid of a piano they dont want. They were very keen for it to stay local and be loved and were very happy when we offered to adopt it. No idea how we'll get it across the road but its all good - not just a new house but an antique piano too. A new era dawns... now we just need a solicitor and a mortgage.

1 comment:

K said...

Aren't you a darling? Getting me a house for my birthday!!!
I wonder how you can top that next year ;-)

I think I have got over the first chock now and am really excited to buy a house with you. Time to start planning the decorating and shopping for furniture !!! :-)))