Saturday, 5 July 2008

The contract has arrived

A big manilla envelope dropped onto our door mat this morning: the contract for our new house and a bunch of supporting docs. It seems like we might be getting close to exchange!

We're not quite there yet though - a couple of clauses in the contract need querying and we're still missing an inspection certificate for the boiler. Hopefully we'll be able to close out those issues quickly and exchange in the next week or so. I think we'll bang in notice on the current house on Monday and start the clock ticking there, aiming to complete in late August - quite possibly just before the bank holiday weekend. It could end up as a nice celebration of our wedding anniversary :-)

Lasse is over visiting from Sweden this weekend. We picked him up from Heathrow this afternoon and then persisted in barbequing even though it got decidedly cloudy and cold. Tomorrow we'll be watching the British Grand Prix (on TV, from the safety of the lounge) and on Monday Kristin's taking him on a tour of our new-house-to-be. We'll need to fit some whisky drinking in at some point too, as he;s brought a very nice bottle of Talisker with him! Thinking about it, I could just stop typing and...

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