Monday, 18 August 2008

All ready to go

Well, we've just about finished the packing now. A few essentials are left (TV, DVD, laptop, microwave...) but almost everything else is boxed up and ready to go. We've even got the champagne on ice! My friend Jouko is sickened by this (the planning, not the champagne), maintaining that you shouldn't start packing until the night before the move, but he spent all night packing before going straight into the move with no sleep last time he switched flats, so I don't pay his advice any great heed.

Tomorrow we get a night off to celebrate our anniversary (2 years!) and then wednesday we should get the keys. No big plans for that night other than being very excited. Thursday evening we start to drip-feed delicate items over in the car, and then Saturday it all kicks off for real. By Monday we hope to be exhausted but comfortable. It's all gone so smoothly up until now that I cant help but be nervous...

Oh, and that picture up the top is just a small portion of our boxes. We have 97 full so far :-)

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