Monday, 25 August 2008

Mission accomplished

We're all moved into the new place. No broadband yet so limited blogging, but I'm working on that (at least one local pub has free wifi, as does Rob and Is'...).

Anyway, the move went fine. We had loads of help (thanks guys!) and the sun shone all day (I actually got tanned!). Number 47 is now empty except for rubbish and a bay tree that we managed to forget in the garden (we'll be back for that). At number 13 we've got the kitchen, lounge and bedroom fully functional and the second bedroom/study is coming on well too. The dining room and small bedroom and still chock full of boxes though, ho hum.

This post may be missing a photo but I'll be making up for that soon. I captured the whole move into number 13 in time lapse photography (586 photos coming at ya) and as an added bonus there's a video of the empty house before we moved in. Now, back to that unpacking...

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