Thursday, 28 August 2008

The piano cometh

There's daily progress at number 13 right now. Yesterday the piano movers came round and swapped out the Fletchers' piano for the one that came with their new house (our "new" piano). The whole thing was pretty efficient: four guys with a wheeled trolley, rolling the piano whenever they could and lifting it when they couldn't. Getting the Fletchers' piano out proved easy enough, rolling it down the garden and along the lane. Getting our piano out of the Fletchers' house proved a little more challenging, involving flipping it up on its end (didn't seem to do any harm!) and removing doors from kitchen cupboards in order to be able to squeeze it through. It was all done within a few minutes and our piano is now pride of place in the dining room, forming an attractive centerpiece for the large pile of boxes. Sadly I've already exhausted my entire repertoire of piano music ("The Yellow Rose of Texas").

After a bit of a battle I also managed to plumb in the washing machine last night. The waste pipe was the challenge - the one that came attached was too short and had a strange end to it that wouldnt attach to the extension tube and joiner I'd bought. AFter a few failed attempts (and resultant emptying of the strategically placed bucket) I've cobbled a joiner together out of a couple of spare lengths of rubber hose. It's survived a whole wash cycle intact so I've hidden all the pipework and intend to forget about the whole thing. Doubtless my dad will check it out when the family come to visit in a couple of weeks' time :-)

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