Monday, 6 October 2008

The fire is alive

The multifuel burner has been an attractive feature of the lounge since we moved in; we liked it from the moment we saw it. Now that the weather has turned cold we thought it might be time to fire it up and see how it runs, so we bought some firewood Saturday morning and set to work.

Saturday and Sunday evening efforts weren't too impressive: the paper and kindling kicked off easily enough and the logs would char and glow, but we couldn't quite get them going properly. This evening Rob and Is popped round for dinner and we thought we'd have a third crack at it. A combination of hacking the logs to pieces with an axe (new purchase!) and emptying the ash pan (I only noticed that today...) seemed to do the trick and we spent a happy hour after dinner sipping wine and watching a couple of logs reduce themselves to cinders. Roll on those long winter evenings.

No posts for a month and then three come along in two days; nothing like consistency, eh?

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