Saturday, 11 October 2008


We've been busy on the house these last weekends. The bathroom is coming along well (see photos) and we've had what will probably be the last good go at the garden this year. The hedge at the front has been hacked back further (found more wall!) and a bulb-field now lies dormant at the front - that should go active next spring.

Much to my dad's undoubted happiness we've both been teetering on top of a long ladder today (not at the same time, obviously) fixing the gaps in the guttering and shoving loose tiles back into position. Come the rains there will hopefully be no waterfalls.

As if that wasn't enough, the piano tuner also dropped by this morning. He spent a good hour whipping our Menzel into shape and fixing the damping on one key. It sounds fantastic now, £50 well spent, and as I type this I can hear K practicing downstairs. The tuner thought that our piano was made in the late 1920's, which actually makes it older than our house.

Next excitement on the house front is scheduled for Wednesday when the sofas arrive!

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