Monday, 6 October 2008

Moving video

After much procrastination I've finally selected an edit of the moving video and uploaded it to YouTube. Enjoy...

The movie consists of about 680 photos taken (mostly*) at one minute intervals, the camera sat on a tripod in the corner of the lounge. The boys were in charge of unloading the van whilst the girls oversaw unpacking, furniture construction and lunch.

I edited it together with Windows Movie Maker, roping in Photoshop for the annotations. WMM was dead easy to use and did enough to let me get this far, so I cant complain - quite surprising for something bundled free with Windows.

* I had to swap the battery once and I saved time at the end by going to once per 10 seconds for the last few photos of the animated rabbit. But it was mostly once per minute - an intervalometer is a wonderful thing.

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