Sunday, 12 October 2008

The rumtopf keeps growing

The strawberries and raspberries have now had a week to lounge around in the rum - and as you can see many of them are already losing their colour (don't worry kids, this is all according to the master plan). What with the strawberries taking a pasting I thought it was time to send in some reinforcements. New to the rumtopf today are 1kg of plums and nectarines, nice and firm so they should stand up to the rigors of floating about in a sea of sugary spirits. On that note I threw in another bottle of Barbados' best, taking the ingredients to date to a fantastically healthy:

2.5l Mount Gay Rum
1.1kg Sugar
500g Nectarines
500g Plums
300g Strawberries
300g Raspberries

And there's still space left for some more :-)

1 comment:

Linda Bliss said...

Absolutely love this innocent tasting alcohol-laden fruit compote drink thingy! I think I might have to get one myself although Jelte would have to hide it from me (perhaps in the same hiding place where the chocolate goes!)...