Thursday, 27 November 2008

Christmas on Carnaby Street

While out doing a spot of Christmas shopping this evening I happened on the fantastic decorations on Carnaby street. The snowmen must be 20 feet high! Below them is a huge crowd shaking off the downturn blues by enjoying the one-night-only 20% sale in all stores.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Fried rice with pancetta, leeks and sweetcorn

I cooked my own dinner this evening (!) and without recourse to a recipe*. In a nod to Rob at Welsh Onion I thought I'd blog about it.

So, back late and not much food in the house; what to do? Maybe slice up an organic leek with an even ten slices of finest Italian pancetta, brown it all in a pan, add a tin of sweetcorn and fry a little further. Then perhaps mix in a portion of rice and liven things up with a dash of chilli oil before serving with parmesan shavings and a garnish of freshly picked flat leaf parsley. Ooh yeh.

* In the interests of full disclosure I guess I should add that I find this recipe most successful when I'm blindly taking orders from Kristin.

Coming up later this week, the best of the photos from our weekend at Iz's birthday retreat in wildest Essex.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Other interesting blogs

Just for Dad, I've added an "other interesting blogs" section over on the right (down there below the photos...) so that everyone can find Kristin's blog more easily.

Sorting out the garage

There's been no DIY on the blog for what seems like weeks - shocking! To make up for that I have a flurry of activity to report on this weekend. In the bathroom the pipes have been boxed in and the towel hooks are now up on the wall. Curtains and sheep have been hung and the final - annoying - floorboard in the bedroom has been nailed down (after a couple of false starts - it was a tricky bugger). Peace now reigns.

We've also completed some much-needed work on the garage, filling in the big gap in the end and also adding some cladding to the sides to pretty much weather-proof the structure. With winter coming on strong this is a good thing - it should give the mower a fighting chance of surviving until the lawn next needs a trim. This was proper DIY - bolting big bits of wood on, getting to use the jigsaw and *lots* of nailing. A scant few minutes after we finished construction the rain started to fall, allowing the newly improved garage to strut its rainproof stuff. Here's how we did it:

The attractive blue tarpaulin is, I must admit, a somewhat temporary solution. I'm hoping it'll last until January when I should have time to replace it with something more wooden and generally lasting. And now that the big hole isn't there we're going to have to sort out some lighting in the garage - another project for the list...

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Behold the all new favicon

OK, so it's not necessarily the last word in graphic design, but at least my blog now has an icon of its own rather than the generic white-on-orange "B" of most blogs hosted on Blogger.

I bagged the instructions from Dummies' Guide to Google Blogger, created my 16x16 work of art in MS Paint and used The FavIcon Labs to convert and host the icon itself. How cool am I :-)

I also used a hack to hide the annoying navbar at the top of the page.

Mist inversion

Mist inversion
Originally uploaded by Ian Hutton
Just uploaded a few "misty morning" photos that I took a couple of weeks ago after getting up unusually early on a Saturday morning. You can find them in my flickr photo stream.