Thursday, 11 December 2008

The holiday starts here

My final meeting is over, I've sent my last email and I'm finally free to enjoy my holiday! My first step was to extend our stay in Tokyo by one more day so that we can actually go exploring. We're now here until Saturday, then off for two nights in Obuse up in the mountains north of Tokyo.

The main items on the agenda for Obuse are lots of chilling out, sampling the sake from the local brewery and hopefully catching sight of the local snow monkeys as they bathe in their own onsen. After Obuse we'll be off to our new base in Kyoto, whence to explore western Japan.

Right, I'm off for a beer...


Anonymous said...

Hello! Wow, it all sounds amazing! You'll be glad to hear that it's exceptionally cold and rainy here, so you've picked a very good time to be away :-)
Have a fun time with the snow monkeys!

Camilla said...

Pleased you got a room facing Fuji, definitely the side to be on. Hope you both enjoy the rest of your holiday, I'm dead jealous! Happy Christmas :-)