Saturday, 6 December 2008

Tokyo false start

K and I are off to Japan today on a (partly working, for me at least) holiday. Sadly we're still at Heathrow at present, sitting in the lounge while our plane is searched by security staff. It was already running an hour late when we boarded, only for someone to discover an unaccompanied camera. No-one claimed this dastardly item, so we've all had to leave the plane again while it's searched (to see what else has snuck on, I guess). Still, at least we got a glass of wine first.

Once we do get to Tokyo we'll be staying there until Friday. I'll be doing a bit of work while K swans about the place amusing herself. After that we're thinking of heading into the mountains to see the snow monkeys, and then on to Kyoto for a big dose of temples. This may all change of course, depending on what takes our fancy - we'll keep you posted. Maybe we can get back on our plane soon...

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