Sunday, 22 March 2009

Spring turfing

K read in her gardening book that now was the time of year to lay turf, so yesterday we got a slab to cover the bare patch that had until now adorned the center of the lawn. I got up full of enegry (at 7:30!) this morning and got to work. Turning the earth over before plonking the turf down I made an interesting discover - it seems that about 6' down there is a layer of plastic sheeting that covers the entire garden. Bit of a surprise, that was. You can see it in the left hand photo below. Unperturbed I continued, chopping my turf to shape to leave something that certainly isnt perfect, but that should be more than on a par with the rest of the (somewhat sparse) lawn once its settled in. Here are the during and after shots:

I was on a roll at this point so I just kept on going: K had bought some bedding plants for our hanging basket and they were just begging to be popped into place. A little fiddling about got the bulk of them squished into the basket in a quite pleasing arrangement (if I do say so myself). Even K had to admit that they looked quite nice (though she did sulk a bit that she hadn't got to do it). And that was all before 9:30 - quite phenomenal!

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