Saturday, 4 April 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

After three tiring days on the stand at CTIA I escaped Vegas yesterday and drove North. Bizarrely clouds had rolled in during the day and it was raining (in Vegas!) as I left. The rain continued on and off through the desert, into Utah and up to my target for the weekend: Zion National park. I met a couple at dinner who'd driven down from slightly to the north through heavy snow, so I guess I was lucky! Turns out it was record precipitation for the time of year round here...

This morning it's clear and after a long sleep I'm refreshed and ready to explore. Time to go see me some canyon.

Postscript: For those who've been following my winning ways on Facebook/Twitter, the final result was $50 up. The secret was to stick to the slots (allegedly better odds) and to quit whenever I doubled my money. That and lots of luck!

Edit: Updated to remove all the line breaks injected by my iPod Touch. Hmmm...

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