Monday, 13 April 2009

Zion Canyon National Park

I've been working through the photos from my USA trip and I've managed to whip the Zion set into shape. They are now up on Flickr for your perusal. There are a few more to come here at some point, as I shot a bunch (154 stacks...) of HDR that I've still to process. Still these are a few to be going on with :-)

Zion Canyon, originally uploaded by Ian Hutton.

As you'll see from the photos, Zion was awesome. Spring is a great time to visit: the crowds aren't there yet, it's not too hot and the flowers are out in force. The highlight was the hike up to Observation Point, a 2000 foot elevation gain (straight up a cliff) to get a breathtaking view right back down the canyon. The variety on that hike is amazing, initially switch-backing up the cliff before sneaking back into a twisty slot canyon through which you access a deserted bowl in the back-country before hitting the mesa-top and hiking the last mile along the cliff edge through the trees to the point itself. I was stoked, as the Americans would say; quite possibly the best hike I've done in my life.

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