Monday, 3 August 2009

Which giraffe? Part II...

So the votes are in (via the blog, Facebook, Twitter and - gasp! - direct interpersonal communication), as follows:
  1. Giraffe 1: five votes
  2. Giraffe 1's head with giraffe 4's neck: four votes
  3. Giraffe 3: one vote
I put the first two together with my personal favourite, giraffe 4, and re-traced and coloured all three for a final giraffe-off...

From left to right: Giraffe 1, Hybrid Giraffe 1+4, Giraffe 4

It was a hard call, but in the end giraffe 4 won me over with its quirky lopsided grin and eyes that seem to be staring right back at you. Bel liked the idea of portrait cards (yay!) so my order is now in and I await the result with anticipation. Thanks to everyone who expressed a preference, cards will be on their way once I get some!

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