Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Snowy greetings from Sweden

We've taken a quick break between Christmas and New Year to visit the Swedish side of the family. It's properly wintery here, temperatures dipping below -10 at night and everything covered in hoar frost and a thick layer of snow.

We're being fed to the max of course, delicious meals of turkey, lamb and reindeer being interspersed with at least 2-3 cake breaks per day (and seven distinct varieties of cake at each sitting, naturally). We brought over a christmas pudding from the UK which Lisbeth steamed, flambeed and served with rum butter - absolutely fantastic, and will need to be repeated next year. Steaming really seems to add something to the old xmas pud, leaving it much lighter and generally just mouth watering. Maybe we should get another one in while they're still in the shops :-)

We did manage to fit in a couple of good walks around all the food, exploring the whitened countryside and wading through the fog that seemed to roll in about lunchtime each day. I've put a few photos up on Flickr to give you a feel for the atmosphere here.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like your having a great time, the photos are excellent making something so cold look full of life.

Rainy rainy in London with the Xmas cake still going though nothing like the steamed pud, yum!