Sunday, 24 January 2010

Tokyo stories

Earlier in January I was out in Tokyo for a week, chairing some of Symbian's council meetings and presenting at the Japan Forum. Amidst all the work I did find time to get out and about with my camera and I've just uploaded the best of my efforts to Flickr.

The bulk of these were shot from the top of the Mori Tower (part of the Roppongi Hills complex), either from the glassed-in observation deck (complete with curtained off areas that minimise reflections for photographers) or from the Sky Walk that loops around the roof-top helipad.

The Helipad

I've tried a fair few of the view points in Tokyo and the Mori Tower tops the list of the public areas for me. It's still beaten by the view from the Park Hotel though, where on a clear winter afternoon you can see the sun set behind Mt Fuji with the Tokyo Tower lit up brightly in the foreground - so long as you get a room with a Tower view.

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