Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Crewing the Kursk

In a break from the norm I spent this evening at the Young Vic, having great fun helping out behind the scenes on their production of Kursk. To be specific I was deputy cloakroom operative under Lisa's watchful eye :-)

The Young Vic is a not-for-profit theatre who plow their excess cash into working with local schools. They have a great team of paid staff but Kursk needs more ushing than the average play so they emailed local businesses asking for volunteers to help out. In return for running the cloakroom I got to see behind the scenes and watch the play for free. Not a bad deal at all, especially when you consider that the team are great fun to work with.

The production itself was excellent. The audience all stand, spread throughout the submarine stage, the cast moving amongst them. Over 90 minutes we follow the crew on their voyage and learn the fate of the Kursk. They do a brilliant job of evoking daily life beneath the waves and sketching out the gap between professionalism when on the job and larking about when not.

All in all a very good play, and all the better for watching it as a part of the team. I'm lined up to help again in a couple of weeks and can't wait!

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