Wednesday, 31 March 2010

UOoGB save the day!

Had a pretty awful (though admittedly to a fair extent self inflicted) day at work today, but it was all saved by the brilliance of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian. Even seeing them in Aldershot (urg!) didnt diminish the sheer awesomeness of their "ironic covers".

Ukulele courtesy of T..Jones

My favourite, I think, was a cover of Bowie's Life on Mars that segues beautifully into My Way and a few other classics. You'll find it, as they pointed out, on YouTube - someone has pirated the whole of their back catalog. Other great stuff up there, if you're in the mood, includes a superb lounge cover of Wuthering Heights and a great take on Teenage Dirtbag from last year's BBC Proms. Go on, no-one can resist the power of the ukulele!

Now if anyone wants to buy me their live DVD from the Proms...

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