Saturday, 31 July 2010

New light

Did a spot of DIY this afternoon, putting up a new light in the front room. It's a big glass and metal sphere and weighs all of 6kg, no trivial matter to fit. Happily I did find some solid ceiling and after an hour it still seems to be hanging in so I'm ready to call it a success!

This shot was taken from directly underneath - how's that for confidence :-)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Farnborough Air Show

Went to Farnborough at the weekend. It was the first air show I'd been to for about 25 years and it brought back great memories of going to British Aerospace open days as a kid. It was great to see that so little had changed - kids were still collecting photos of planes, everyone loved the Red Arrows and there were those free pop-out paper hats that you don't seem to get anywhere else at all. Even the planes were mostly the same ones as in the 80's :-)

The Red ArrowsHighlights for me included the Red Arrows (of course!), the incredible quietness of the double decker A380 and the phenomenal manoeuvrability of the F16 (of Top Gun fame). The Avro Vulcan wasn't flying the day we were there (brake failure) but it was great to see it sitting on the ground.

It was clearly a golden opportunity and I couldn't help myself: there are a few photos up on Flickr.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Grade zero (and more poppies)

I re-applied the summer cut this evening and went one closer than normal to see how a zero would look. Pretty good I thought, but I've been told I'm not allowed to do it again - ho hum. I got the better half to record it for posterity so you can let me know what you think...


Looking back at the previous post reminded me that the poppies are still going over here. They've found a second wind and are just as good as they were a few weeks ago. This is clearly the last hurrah though, as there aren't many unflowered heads left in the field. With the grass grown up long around them they are looking great right now though.


The poppies seem to have been a bit of a hit. Not once but twice since I posted them I've been contacted on Flickr asking exactly where the field is and whether the poppies are still in bloom (flora_london having gone so far as to register with Flickr just to contact me!). It's nice to be able to act as a tour guide for the North Downs once in a while :-)