Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Farnborough Air Show

Went to Farnborough at the weekend. It was the first air show I'd been to for about 25 years and it brought back great memories of going to British Aerospace open days as a kid. It was great to see that so little had changed - kids were still collecting photos of planes, everyone loved the Red Arrows and there were those free pop-out paper hats that you don't seem to get anywhere else at all. Even the planes were mostly the same ones as in the 80's :-)

The Red ArrowsHighlights for me included the Red Arrows (of course!), the incredible quietness of the double decker A380 and the phenomenal manoeuvrability of the F16 (of Top Gun fame). The Avro Vulcan wasn't flying the day we were there (brake failure) but it was great to see it sitting on the ground.

It was clearly a golden opportunity and I couldn't help myself: there are a few photos up on Flickr.

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