Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Rum and Chocolate

Got up late today, finally ousted by the cleaner. After a morning swim we headed down to the harbour for brunch. Fried eggs and chocolate pie (the latter renowned across the island) knocked us out for a good hour, after which we jumped in our little boat.

We cruised westward in search of a remote beachside taverna, but that turned out to be closed. Instead we snorkeled, spotting a jellyfish and some poisonous underwater caterpillars. After that excitement the wind came up and we bounced and splashed our way back to home base at Vathy. Which is where we are now, enjoying rum & hot chocolates in the evening sun. One of these is pictured, with R&I supporting.

[Trying a new mobile blogging app today, the old one having lost a few posts - grr! So here we go...]

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Monday, 27 September 2010


Kalimera (just) from Meganissi. What to say - the weather's great, the villa is superb and the view is to die for. Our villa is the pink one on the hill to the left, behind the fishing boat. I'll show you the view we get in a future posting - only one photo per post with this Blogger client...

Off to pick up our boat now, then it's time to explore...

[Added later: OK, this Blogger client got the better of me there, that is in fact the view from our balcony]

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Sunday, 19 September 2010


I'm catching up on my photo backlog somewhat. First to hit the web are the most recent crop from last weekend's Italian Grand Prix at Monza. I was out there with Jelte for the annual boys' weekend and as well as the racing we managed to catch Lake Como for a little escape from the concrete and graffiti of northern Italy.

The F1 race was good but for action and sheer lunacy it was heavily outclassed by the GP2 races. The drivers are mostly 18 years olds and they really didnt hold back as they hammered into the second chicane (and one another) right in front of us. Having to shoot through a chain link fence didnt seem to spoil the shots to any great extent.

The Monza track is a great place to explore. One of the highlights for me was coming across a section of the old banked oval track curving away through the trees. Built in 1922 and last raced in 1969, it now crumbles quietly as the new track winds round it.

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