Friday, 10 December 2010

Indispensable Mac software - my list

Just been setting up my Macbook Pro and thought it a good opportunity to make a note of the OS X software I've found myself relying on over the last year or so. Of course there are the multi-platform standards such as Evernote, Firefox (no Chrome man me!), Spotify, Tweetdeck etc, but whilst great those aren't what I want to cover here.

Now is the time, and this is the place, for those little Mac-specific helpers...
  • Growl - the notification system other apps hook into to quietly tell me what's going on
  • Burn - a great freeware DVD burner, it just does the right thing every time with no fuss
  • Caffeine - a killer when presenting or showing off photos, when engaged it stops the screen switching off or the screensaver kicking in
  • AppCleaner - tidies up orphaned files when deleting apps
  • Loginox - just because I want my own customised log-in screen background image :-)
So, Mac users, what am I missing?

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