Thursday, 27 January 2011

Heading home / sea sick

I was going to spend my time on the ferry back to Tenerife working on photos from my exploration of the coastline yesterday. In the event, however, the seas are a little choppier than I'd anticipated so I'm just staring at the horizon and keeping my stomach in check. We're in the lee of La Gomera now, mid-point of the crossing, and even though the seas are calmer here just typing this is challenging!

I'll post again from the comfort of dry land if I find some wifi later on...

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Inga said...

Hi Ian, until now I had seen some things you wrote on Facebook, but hadn't realized that I could find more on your blog - well I've found it now, and you didn't take your travel notes for nothing, I'm glad I have a chance to read it and see your great photos!
Hope you'll be ok for the rest of that ferry ride....!