Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Twisty trees

OK, getting away from the subject of clouds today. Actually not - lots of storm blowing through, so I spent a bit of time and thought finding somewhere not lost in cloud or subject to heavy rain. Driving to the far West end of the island to meet the incoming weather head on worked out - not least because I could see the rain approaching and take shelter.

I spent a very windy hour exploring El Sabinar, refuge to a scattering of wind-twisted junipers. Paradoxically they all lean into the storm winds, finding that this the best way to refuse uprooting. These specimens have been here for centuries, so they're doing something right.

A magnificently gnarled juniper, emblem of El Hierro

On my drive back over the top of the island the gusts of wind were strong enough to shake the car. I apparently wasn't the only one feeling the effects - back at my hotel I learned that today's inter-island ferry was canceled (too windy to dock). Fingers crossed for Thursday...

PS If anyone does read these blog posts please post a comment and say so, I sometimes wander whether I'm just talking to myself!


Anonymous said...

We are following your blogs, very interesting.
Jane is proceeding with the helmet.

Linda said...

I'm loving your photos - can't wait to see the rest! :-)