Saturday, 5 March 2011

Chile - not quite off to a flying start

So far we've made it as far as Madrid. We should be in the Elqui Valley right about now but Iberia let us down somewhat, getting us to Madrid two hours late and just as our connecting flight to Chile was pushing back. Literally - we could see our plane on the tarmac...

We've been re-booked for this evening, put up in a hotel and fed, and spent today on an impromptu exploration of Madrid. First stop was the airport to talk to LAN and Iberia again and get some changes to our internal flights in Chile as we clearly weren't going to be getting the first of those today. That all went without a hitch, and a quick bit of internetting got our car hire and hotels sorted too.

The rest of the day was tapas and wandering, finishing off by stumbling upon a parade of floats winding its way through the streets. This seems to happen whenever we are in Spain - I just assume that there's a big party right across the whole country every weekend :-)

We're off to dinner now before heading back to the airport for our midnight flight to Chile, take two.

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Chris Davidson said...

Good luck sounds like you have sorted everything pretty smoothly considering and it wouldnt be an adventure if it all went to plan.

Hey, you could have ended up overnighting in Barcelona!