Tuesday, 15 March 2011

In Patagonia

Just returned to civilisation (and internet connectivity) after a week in the wilds of Patagonia. We've been living in very fancy tents deep in the Torres Del Paine national park, land of strong winds and changeable weather.

The Torres Del Paine massive

We've tortured ourselves with a couple of long hikes - one in good weather and the other in driving horizontal rain - and have taken advantage of our 4x4 to explore the less-visited corners of the park. The geography is incredible - huge granite outcrops, glaciers, azure lakes and wide open pampas. The fauna is fantastic too: we've had close encounters with guanaco (cousin to the lama), fox, rabbit, hare (huge!), rhea (think ostrich) and skunk (dead, smelly) on the ground, plus eagle, condor, flamingo and many other (unidentified by me) birds above it.

Assorted Patagonian fauna

Just about 2,000 photos so far and only one week in :-)

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