Friday, 20 May 2011

Shadow play

I've been doing a portrait photography course at Central St Martins for the last few weeks, absolutely loving it! I persuaded K to come down and model last week, and we had some good fun playing with a big spotlight to create interesting shadows.

IPH_1105_Portaits3_9304.jpg Shadow Play
Shadow play - a couple of shots from the portrait course

K is being menaced by Dave in the first of those, whilst the second is a merge of two separate shots (you spotted that though, right?).

If this has whetted your appetite you can see more of my images from the course, and also shots from everyone on the course (including some of me!). I'll pop more up here as the course continues.

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Alfie Entlebucher from Alfie's Blog said...

Superb photos! How about a photo of a little kitten with a huge Entlebucher Mountain dog shadow towering behind it? Just a thought :-)